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Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center

Established in 1981, the Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center in      Memory  of Linda Feldman (JRCC) was one of the first such centers in the country, aiming to provide a comprehensive response to the suffering of local women subject to the trauma of sexual violence. The JRCC was named after Linda Feldman, one of the founding volunteers, an immigrant from Canada who died tragically in a car accident.  

    Vital crisis intervention, offering a supportive ear and practical 

    assistance, has been provided from the outset to women, girls and

    children who have been raped, abused, harassed or sexually

    assaulted. Since its inception, the JRCC has evolved into a

    sophisticated, volunteer-driven service, staunchly committed to the

    ideals which originally drove its founders: Assisting and empowering

    victims of sexual abuse, and raising social awareness of the prevalent

    and unwelcome phenomenon of violence against women while

    simultaneously spearheading the movement to end it.


    Today, the JRCC operates with a part-time staff of 10 and continues to

    develop multi-faceted services to reach out to Jerusalemĺs most

    vulnerable, constantly expanding in accordance with increases in both

    demand and public awareness. Thanks to the ongoing dedication of our

    Volunteers, Staff and generous supporters, the JRCC has transformed

    into a reliable and prolific address for assistance, professionalism and




    If you- or someone you know- has suffered sexual abuse, and you

    need to talk in confidence or be advised, call 1202 from any

    phone, 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a Week.